Advokatfirman ReklamJuridik is a Swedish boutique law firm founded in 1996, specializing in advertising law and sponsorship. 

It is important that advertising agencies and other companies involved in advertising verify that a planned campaign is in compliance with Swedish legislation, such as the Swedish Marketing Act, the Copyright Act, the Trade Marks Act, the Alcohol Act and the Act on Names and Pictures in Advertising. 

With its profound experience and solid knowledge in this area, ReklamJuridik promptly and confidently gives legal advice and - often more importantly – a consequence analysis of planned campaigns. We offer legal clearance for the other Nordic countries as well. ReklamJuridik also offers assistance in drafting advertising and sponsorship contracts, registration of trademarks and handle market law disputes in the Swedish Market Court. 

Please contact Advokatfirman ReklamJuridik for further information. 

Advokatfirman ReklamJuridik i Sverige AB 
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Advokatfirman ReklamJuridik


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